Privacy Policy

We understand that retirement and financial information needs to be protected to the best of our ability. We promise to you that no data you give us will ever be used for marketing or sold. Your data is, and always will be, yours. The only reason we store data is to provide you with the ability to see your data across multiple devices. Your unique account protects that data.
Is this legal advice?
No. This is purely a tool for you to use in your financial planning that shows you some graphs based on your data. Please don't take anything from the app as legal advice.
Where can I find our Privacy Policy and Privacy Settings?
You can find our Privacy Policy and change your privacy preferences under "Privacy Settings." Click the settings icon on the "My Scenarios" page.
Where do we store your data?
We store your data securely in the cloud.
How do we handle the personal data that we ask for when you create an account?
The data that you provide with the signup process is stored in Firebase until you delete your account. We use it to connect you with your account data like the scenarios you have. We will never use it for marketing or sell your data.
What is stored about me when I don't create an account?
To associate you with your scenarios we take the model of your device and store a unique code on your device. With these two pieces we are able to identify your account when you open the app
What do we do with your scenario data?
We store it for safekeeping until you would like to use it on our app or website. Once you log into your account we will provide you with your data. No one sees your personal data
Can I request a copy of my data?
Yes! We are able to provide you with a copy of your data if you email us to request it. Please include your UID in the email. Find it in your app under settings. Our email is RetirePlanIPadApp@gmail.com
What Analytics data do we collect?
We use Firebase Analytics, Performance, and Crashlytics to capture some data about how you use the app, but only if you enable it. When you sign up we ask if you would like to enable it , otherwise you can change your answer in "Privacy Settings." If you are having trouble finding it, look under our top section "Where can I find our Privacy Policy and Privacy Settings?" Location: We capture roughly where you are in the world so that we can tell which countries our users are from and better support them. Performance: We track how fast pages load so that we can improve the slow pages. Crash Data: We send crash reports every time the app crashes that tell our developer what went wrong. Then they fix it! We only take this data if you allow us to.
Do you need to change your personal information? Or Delete your account?
Contact us at RetirePlanIPadApp@gmail.com. We will get that all set for you. Please include your UID in the email, you can find it in your app under settings.
I'm still worried about the security of my financial data.
That is absolutely fair. We will do everything we can to keep your data safe but on your end not using exact numbers is a big thing you can do. Keep your data generalized, round to the nearest hundred or thousand not the nearest one or ten. If my total savings are $405,321 I can round that and enter $405,000 or $400,000. RetirePlan is about giving you the general idea of when you can retire and how much you should save and plan for your retirement. For this, you want similar numbers to your financial details but you never have to enter specifics.
I have a Question!
We would love to hear it! Email us at RetirePlanIPadApp@gmail.com. If you email us for support or other feedback, our emails back and forth and your email address will be retained for quality assurance purposes.
Legal Privacy Policy
This was a summary so that we could have an easily readable privacy policy. Review our legal Privacy Policy here.