Retirement planning, made simple.
annotated bar graph of retirement

Don't Let Big Companies Fool You

Big investment companies will tell you that retirement planning is complicated, and best left to the professionals. I say phooey to that. My app starts simple. Give me your age, when you want to retire, and how much savings you have already, and I'll show you how much you'll have to retire with!
Don't worry, the + button at the top has all sorts of ways to make this more complicated if you want to.

My Story

We're not just a big bank trying to get your business. I am a housewife and a mother, who happens to like spreadsheets ... and taxes. Weird, right? It's my thing though.
I manage the finances at our house, and my husband keeps asking "are we doing ok?", and "when can I retire?" I've spent a lot of time creating spreadsheets and graphs, and looking at the data from different perspectives.
Then one day, it occurred to me, I could share this with more than just my husband.